Thursday, 19 October, 2017

About Financial Intelligence Directorate


Bahrain Financial Intelligent Directorate has been established according to Legislative Decree no.4 of the year 2001 with respect to prohibition of and combating money laundering, which provided the first article of the above-mentioned Decree-Law on the definition of the implementation Directorate, as the charge of implementing the provisions of this law in accordance with Article 4 paragraph 4 of the law.

FID is the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing enforcement Directorate in the Kingdom of Bahrain which is responsible for receiving , requesting , analyzing and disseminating to the investigatory and supervisory authorities disclosures of financial information concerning suspected proceeds of crime and alleged money laundering .


Maintain a financial and economical stability to the Kingdom of Bahrain by anticipating the provisions of the law.


Establish policies for banning and combating money laundering and ongoing coordinate to combat money laundering and terrorist finance which has its own dangerous on the security dimension and the financial and economic activities in the Kingdom.


  • Receiving suspicious transaction reports related to money- laundering and terrorist-financing.
  • Receiving Cash Carrier reports.
  • Take steps to detect the crimes of money-laundering and terrorist-financing and collect evidence.
  • Implement the procedures related to international co-operation as mentioned in the provisions of the related law.
  • To implement the decisions and orders passed by the competent courts in relation to the crimes of money-laundering and related crimes.
  • Carrying out the procedures related to the international co-operation as mentioned in the provisions of this law.



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